Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to stop hands aching while playing guitar

I was suffering form aches and pains in my hands when playing my guitar and we all know that playing metal on the guitar is really tiring for our hands at the best of times so we need strong hands to be able to keep up with the drums when playing... I searched everywhere for ways to strengthen my hands and stop my hands from aching when playing.. I fin ally found a good article over on some jazz music (jazz maybe different from metal music but still they use guitars) Jazzpdx told me how you can use arthritis gloves to help with playing again if you just suffer from aching hands or actual arthritis. I think using these gloves which dont cost that much while you play is a real good idea! After I worn them for a couple weeks my grip has gotten stronger and I even think that i play my metal riffs a little faster now too... not to mention the aches have gone in my hands!

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